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Interview with Ian Waghorn of Bear n Mind Catering 

Updated: Jan 22

INTERVIEW with Founder & Chef Director Ian Waghorn - Bear N Mind Catering

How did Bear n Mind Catering start? 

The seed was planted around lockdown whilst on furlough. My wife discovered she had a few health issues, with her symptoms made worse when eating particular foods. This is where my interest in the “Power of Food” began and how small changes can have a massive affect. 

On my return to work after lockdown, I lead the Diploma in Culinary Management course (a qualification around business startups and concept design) at Le Cordon Bleu and let's just say the two paths joined forces and the seed began to grow.  

I wanted to bring the idea of healthy eating to life but without the brick and mortar of a restaurant – a more personal approach. A catering company where you could celebrate and enjoy food even if you had dietary restrictions. Where the chef tailors the menu for each client. A dining experience where the guests learn about how the food was created, why the combinations go together and to be provided with a wider and more diversified plate of food, hopefully introducing them to new ingredients. 

I have such fond memories of eating with friends and family. My aim is that all the guests I cook for can experience the same joy of food, cherishing the memories of good food and company for years to come.  

I feel this is all coming together with Bear n Mind Catering. 

What was 2023 like? Your first full calendar year in business. 

2023 was a very busy year for Bear n Mind Catering, working with some great clients, collaborating with Green Farm – on supper clubs and cooking for their retreat weekends – I had an exciting pop-up event in Amsterdam with Project Roots working with an alumnus from Le Cordon Bleu.

There were also Food Festival demonstrations, focusing on some of my dishes too. I had a lot of fun teaching and passing on knowledge again – love that! And of course, there have been many private chef experiences for private households, holiday houses and for clients simply wanting a celebration meal.  


I also opened a cafe in June (The Crag Snacks & Coffee Company), within The Reach climbing wall in London.  We keep the menu simple with good coffee, cakes and small bites. It’s great, I had really missed getting my teeth stuck into F&B retail. 

It has been tough though – especially as a start up in this climate – but we have a great team who really care about good food and coffee. We all learn and move forward together.  

As you may know, I love to climb. I manage to mix a bit of play into my working week and can get a climb in, which is a great release and helps to keep my feet on the ground...well, sort of! 

What's next for Bear n Mind Catering in 2024? 

There’s lots in the pipeline for Bear n Mind Catering in 2024, with some more partnerships popping up later in the year for events.   

I'm also working on corporate catering packages. Having previously spent 2 years leading the catering at EY London, I'm really looking forward to working with companies in Kent to cater for their activities, working lunches and networking events.  


This summer I will be demonstrating at some more food festivals and holding some masterclasses. And of course, I have my clients that have booked me for their own events and celebrations. 

Also, I am really pleased to be starting the long road to gain a nutrition qualification. It’s something I have been wanting to do for a long time now. 

Hopefully 2024 will be just as successful as 2023 for Bear n Mind Catering.  

Thank you to all the companies I have worked with and those who have given me such tremendous support.   


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