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The Difference...

At Bear n Mind Catering, we focus on exciting healthy eating. We are on a mission to increase and diversify our diets, awakening the joy of eating vegetables and quality meat & fish. "Let's revive the power of food to improve our well-being.” We surround ourselves with great quality ingredients by searching for local products and sticking to the seasons, come rain or shine! We offer a range of services, including a private chef, meal drop-offs, healthy lunches & office parties, all with customised menus.

For your next meal, choose Bear n Mind Catering for the difference.

Festive Dinner Table

Our Values

  • We eat together We laugh together

  • Diversify diets - Eat like a Bear

  • Waste less, Eat more

  • Don’t shy away from restricted diets

  • Eco conscious supply chain and packaging

  • Champion local farmers and companies

  • Quality, Quality, Quality


Current Collaborations

Green Farm Kent

Luxury accommodation, boutique spa, and farm estate in the heart of Kent countryside.


Image by Annie Spratt
"Thank you for such a wonderful spread that you put on for us today, it was beyond what we expected and everyone who came enjoyed it hugely"
Home Grown Vegetables

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